AnyLogic Conference 2022

September 29

Date and time: September 29, 07:00 10:30 UTC

AnyLogic’s annual conference was a great success.

Thank you to all who attended for making the AnyLogic Conference 2022 so insightful, memorable and successful.


Conference Program

Time Presentation Industry Organization
07:00 UTC Using AnyLogic-based Simulation Capabilities to Create Optimal Store Layouts and Inform Labour Scheduling Decisions Business Processes, Digital Twins, F&B Industry Domino's Pizza
07:30 UTC Future-proofing Container Port Supply Chains Using Simulation Ports & Terminals, Supply Chain GHD & NWS Ports
08:00 UTC Workshop: Build on Sand? How to Structure Your Models So They Never Crumble Best Practices, Modeling Technique Benjamin Shchumann Consulting
09:00 UTC Process Simulation for the Optimization of a Construction Site Layout for a Tunnel Drive with a Tunnel Boring Machine Construction Ruhr-Universität Bochum
09:30 UTC Pedestrian and Traffic Management Simulation Study Traffic Simulation, Pedestrian Flows Jaco-Ben Consulting
10:00 UTC Virtual Demonstration of Decentralized Energy Management - a Digital Twin for Highly Efficient & Sustainable Districts Energy, Enviromental Impact EIFER (European Institute of Energy research by EDF and KIT)
10:30 UTC Simulation in Cell Therapy Industry Healthcare logico
11:00 UTC Modelling Checkouts Behavior to Support a Retailer’s Stores Operations Design Retail LTP Labs
11:30 UTC How Automation is Transforming Construction: AnyLogic Modelling of Truss Fabrication Construction Bryden Wood
12:00 UTC Job Shop Scheduling with Simulation and Artificial Intelligence Production, Artificial Intelligence ProSim GmbH
12:30 UTC Optimizing the Assignment of Parcels to Trays on a Tilt-tray Conveyor System Using Mathematical Programming and Simulation Warehouse Operation Noorjax Consulting
13:00 UTC All-around Model of a Logistics Centre for Simulating Forecasts Warehouse Operation EPIC Innolabs
13:30 UTC Simulation for Disrupted Railway Operations Transportation Netherlands Railways
14:00 UTC AnyLogic 8: What's New Simulation Software The AnyLogic Company
15:00 UTC The Importance of Model Operations in Today’s AI Driven Modelverse Best Practices, Artificial Intelligence PwC
15:30 UTC NHS Hospital Digital Twin for Better Resourcing and Care in Dynamic Situations Healthcare Decision Lab & NHS
16:00 UTC AnyLogic 9 and AnyLogic Cloud Demo and Plans Simulation Software The AnyLogic Company
17:00 UTC Micro-Fulfillment Modeling Warehouse Operation Dematic
17:30 UTC Using Simulation to Optimize New Hyperscale Data Centers Designs for Rack Delivery Workflow Business Processes Meta
18:00 UTC Toward Digital Transformation: Enterprise Simulation within the AnyLogic Ecosystem Simulation Software, Digital Twins, Modeling Technique The AnyLogic Company
18:30 UTC Integrating Demand Planning and Production Optimization in a Cloud Service Production ITE-Consult
19:00 UTC National Institutes of Health (NIH) Campus Parking Analysis Road Traffic MOSIMTEC
19:30 UTC Digital Twin as a Solution for Major Operations and Business Challenges Supply Chain, Digital Twin VP Consulting & Estafeta
20:00 UTC Simulation and Optimization of Sand Supply in Fracking Operations Logistics, Oil & Gas Eurystic & Tecpetrol
20:30 UTC Optimization of a Reverse Logistics Supply Chain with an End-to-end Digital Twin Solution Logistics, Digital Twins, AI SimWell US / RPM Eco
21:00 UTC A Generic Open Pit Mine Load & Haul Model and Event Emulator for Exploring the Utilization of Alternative Haulage Vehicles’ Fuel Sources and Validating Optimization Solutions Mining Komatsu Mining Technology Solutions
21:30 UTC How to Start Enterprise Level Simulations Best Practices PwC
22:00 UTC Use of Simulation and AI to Build Digital Twins for Insurance Applications Insurance CSAA Insurance Group

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