Operations and Supply Chain Simulation with AnyLogic


This book is recommended for anyone who is interested in supply chain and operations management. It has applied models and a simple, easy to follow format for people without an engineering background. The book combines modeling and management views on decision-making, and introduces the basic principles of using simulation for decision making. To reduce the technical complexity, the main focus is management decision analysis, and using KPI for operational, customer, and financial performance in decision making.

The book is grouped into four chapters that correspond to three basic process structures as well as basic inventory control policies:

  • Linear manufacturing system analysis
  • Single-stage manufacturing system analysis
  • Supply chain network system analysis
  • Periodic and continuous review inventory control system analysis

Each chapter is accompanied by a simulation game. The game describes the model building process and KPI evaluation techniques. Simulation game results are then used for the decision making process.

All of the game models are included with the book.

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