Towards a Semiconductor Supply Chain Simulation Library (SCSC-SIMLIB)


Simulation is a widely used technique for analyzing and managing supply chains. Simulation software packages offer standard libraries for selected functions and application areas. However, no commercial or freeware simulation tool proposes building blocks specific to semiconductor manufacturing. Thus, we propose in the present paper a library with a collection of simulation objects that can be used to model supply chain activities of various scales in the semiconductor industry. The library denoted by SCSC-SIMLIB strives for reducing modeling effort. It also enables standardization and benchmarking. We first describe the requirements for such a library and we suggest an architecture. Then, selected objects of the library are presented in more detail. Finally, we demonstrate the benefits of SCSC-SIMLIB, which is implemented by means of the simulation software AnyLogic, with a use case based on a simple example.

Modeling of Material and Information Flows in SCSC-SIMLIB
Figure 1: Modeling of Material and Information Flows in SCSC-SIMLIB