Winter Simulation Conference 2017 – 50th Anniversary

AnyLogic presentation at the winter Simulation Conference 2017.

The main focus was ‘simulation everywhere’ and in Las Vegas, December 3rd – 6th, it was clear that these are exciting times for the simulation industry. Platinum sponsor, The AnyLogic Company, was proud to showcase not only the leading roles of AnyLogic and anyLogistix in driving industry 4.0 with simulation modeling, but also AnyLogic Cloud in further extending simulation to any device.

PwC’s presentation on Integrating Artificial Intelligence with AnyLogic Simulation Software was standing room only, and had the largest attendance of any vendor. Simulation is one of the key technologies at PwC’s Artificial Intelligence Accelerator lab and is used to evaluate the impact of AI on real world systems such as supply chains and production processes. They demonstrated autonomous fleet coordination using the integration of machine learning with an agent-based model, and also a consumer market model with adaptive dynamics based on deep learning.

AnyLogic Mindshare
Click to enlarge: AnyLogic Mindshare. The percentage share of models presented at WSC'17.

The models from PwC were not the only ones to make use of AnyLogic. Recent years have seen continued gains in popularity for the software, and this year was no different, with 33% of all papers presented (excl. vendors) featuring models built in AnyLogic. Up from 28% in 2016, these papers contain real case studies and explicitly reference AnyLogic.

Tuesday evening’s AnyLogic User Group meeting gave the community an early preview of the upcoming Material Handling Library and the chance to question Andrei Borshchev, CEO and Nikolay Churkov, Head of Development directly. The Material Handling Library will facilitate the detailed modeling of manufacturing and warehouse processes. More details to come soon, stay in touch and up to date with our blog and LinkedIn user group!

Of course, it was not all work and no play. At the general reception, attendees enjoyed food, drinks and games. The games proved to be very popular, with people staying on and engaging with one another over giant connect 4, checkers and jenga.

AnyLogic WinterSim games.

We would like to thank everyone involved in WSC ’17 for making it such a super event. It was a great celebration for the 50th year of the conference and we look forward to many more. What were your highlights? Share them in the comments below!

Join us at the AnyLogic Conference, April 2018, for presentations from industry leaders and workshops with simulation modeling experts. See you there and stay at the forefront of simulation modeling!