Run Models Online with AnyLogic Cloud has been serving AnyLogic users for six years as a platform for sharing simulation models. Today, Java applet technology, which RunTheModel is based on, is out of date and no longer supported in most web browsers.

 To help you continue running models online, we have released AnyLogic Cloud, a free web service for online simulation analytics.

 AnyLogic Cloud provides extended capabilities, compared to RunTheModel, which allow you to: 
  • Manage your simulations via web browser using secure cloud storage.
  • Perform multiple simulation runs in parallel.
  • Design web dashboards to focus on key metrics.
  • Execute simulation models with your mobile devices.
  • Deliver models to clients online.
  • Store, share, and discuss scenarios and simulation results.
  • Access publicly shared models or create your own online simulations portfolio.  
RunTheModel will be discontinued in January, 2018. Please transfer your models to AnyLogic Cloud by updating your AnyLogic software to version 8 and following the instructions in the how-to video.