Learning Simulation for Healthcare: Videos, Slides, and Example Models

Do you apply simulation modeling in healthcare, or interested in learning more? Dr. Nathaniel Osgood, Associate Professor at University of Saskatchewan, has provided a series of video lectures, step-by-step tutorials, and example models that demonstrate how-to build multimethod, or hybrid simulation models. These models are utilized to solve problems in the area of health research.

Dr. Osgood focused his materials on multimethod model-building because he believes it can provide greater capacity to respond to a modeler’s intention, and is capable of more precisely addressing various research questions. As a result, AnyLogic is his simulation software of choice.

Besides these video tutorials, the author provides additional resources including an extensive library of hybrid models created by Dr. Osgood himself. Check out the learning materials now!

In addition, Dr. Osgood leads a Bootcamp & Incubator for Health Researchers where he teaches agent-based and multimethod modeling with AnyLogic. The course will take place in Saskatoon, Canada, on August 24-29. Registration is going on now.