Java, it's actually good for you. Free download.

This week I read a wonderful article on the largest to-date study ever conducted on the health risks and benefits of coffee drinking. To my great relief the study strongly showed that even modest daily amounts of coffee over time dramatically reduces your risks of several diseases such as diabetes. Now, all good modelers know not to confuse correlation and causality and its possible that some other trait common to coffee drinkers is the real benefit. But I haven't had good health news in a while, so let me have this one, ok?

We at AnyLogic have our own love/hate relationship with Java. (Notice the clever segue? ) Many of our users rely on their Java skills to expand models and features in ways not covered by the drag/drop palettes while others bemoan their lack of Java and wonder what they might be missing. In the past we have recommended large technical books or websites. But the good folks in St Pete have written the definitive lurker's guide to java for the Anylogic user -- 50 pdf pages laser-targeted to your development needs!