Conference Highlights and 50% OFF for Academic Attendees

Conference Highlights and 50% OFF for Academic Attendees

Academic attendees use promo code HALF15

The fourth annual AnyLogic Conference will continue to prove the power of collaboration, not only with the AnyLogic team, but other experienced model developers. Don't miss the opportunity to see how AnyLogic is being applied across multiple industries, experience innovative ideas and expand your vision of AnyLogic software.

For your convenience, the two day event falls directly after the INFORMS Annual Meeting. INFORMS attendees should plan to stay Wednesday evening and join us for Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning presentations. The Conference will be held in the Trumbauer Ballroom of Le Meridien Philadelphia Hotel. The hotel is less than a half mile from the INFORMS venue.

2015 Program Highlights

Bipin Chadha, PhD, Data Scientist, Enterprise Data Analytics Office will describe case studies where they have used AnyLogic to successfully provide decision support to business leaders, including using analytics and simulation to understand the complex and dynamic system of call centers and the problem of allocating technology investment across projects in multiple lines of business.

Fruit of the Loom
Through agent-based modeling with integration of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Elizabeth Tyrie, Manager of Data Science will present how calculation of optimal product distribution within a multi-echelon supply chain can be achieved.

Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories
Janet E. Wedgwood, Principal Research Scientist and R. Jay Ritchie, Business Development Manager, will describe an empirical method of identifying and measuring the primary process tasks and workflows that contribute to the turnaround time for military aircraft maintenance, and a modeling and simulation approach to evaluating proposed changes to the process.

In addition to the Conference presentations and multiple networking events, the AnyLogic Conference will offer an optional training course Wednesday morning prior to Conference registration and presentation proceedings. Join the AnyLogic community November 4th and 5th, 2015 in Philadelphia, PA, USA to experience what AnyLogic Simulation and Modeling software can do for your business. Don't miss out on the premier event, register today for The AnyLogic Conference 2015.

Conference Highlights and 50% OFF for Academic Attendees