AnyLogic Conference 2015 Program

AnyLogic Conference 2015 Program

The AnyLogic Conference offers a variety of presentations from globally recognized organizations using AnyLogic simulation and modeling technology for better, more profitable decision making. It is an annual meeting place for users and prospective users of AnyLogic simulation and modeling software. In addition, the Conference offers a networking opportunity with like-minded, innovative AnyLogic users. For your convenience, the two-day event falls directly after the INFORMS Annual Meeting, November 4th and 5th in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

Program highlights:

Elizabeth Tyrie, Manager of Data Science, Fruit of the Loom and her team members will be presenting a supply chain optimization project complete with manufacturing, distribution centers, transportation, and customer components. The Fruit of the Loom Data Science Team were able to provide recommendations on how to optimize product distribution that could save one of the company's apparel categories an estimated 20% of shipping costs.

Bipin Chada, Ph.D., Data Scientist from the Enterprise Analytics Office at USAA will present several models his team has developed that are being used by senior executives to make strategic and operational decisions. The Presentation will conclude with some guidance on how organizations can employ modeling to unlock the business value of their investments.

Michelle Alvarado, Yan Li, and Professor Mike Lawley from the Industrial Systems Engineering team of Texas A&M University, in partnership with the Center for Health Innovation at The New York Academy of Medicine developed a discrete-event simulation model to predict the operational performance of the clinic under different demand patterns and staffing scenarios. The model predicts performance measures such as the average patient request-to-appointment time, clinic utilization, and physician working overtime for up to two years.

Janet E. Wedgwood, Principal Research Scientist and R. Jay Ritchie, Business Development Manager from Lockheed Martin will present an empirical method for identifying and measuring the primary process tasks and workflows that contribute to the turnaround time, and a modeling and simulation approach to evaluating proposed changes to the process.

Stay tuned or refer to our Conference webpage, as the Wednesday morning training course agenda will be released soon, along with the complete Conference Schedule. In the case you have not registered yet, just click on the link below.

AnyLogic Conference 2015 Program