AnyLogic 8.4 released

We have released AnyLogic 8.4 and you can download it now. This release includes updates from the alpha version, as well as other features and new training models.

A demonstration fulfillment center with multi-level conveyors.

Material Handling Library

  • Transporter movement: Transporters can now move freely, without the need for guidance paths. They can take into account obstacles, including walls, equipment installations and other transporters. Free space navigation can be specified in the TransporterFleet block.
  • For path guided transporters, 8.4 now enables custom routing logic to be specified in the TransporterControl block.
  • Three level facility lift model
  • Multi-level conveyor networks and AGVs: New elements in AnyLogic 8.4 make it possible to operate networks of conveyors and transporters across multiple segments and levels. The Network Port object allows you to logically connect two conveyor networks or sections of a conveyor into a single network. While a new Lift space markup object can connect networks operating on different levels. Navigation between ports and lifts can be configured or left automatic.
    Together, these objects simplify the modeling of complex multi-level conveyor systems.
  • Modeling cranes in AnyLogic
  • A Jib Crane object is also now available, it is operated by the MoveByCrane block. It can connect one or more networks. We will soon explore how the Jib Crane works in a how-to blog.
  • Dynamic route recalculation can now be done on demand by calling agent.recalculateRoute(). For example, if reading the current conditions from the Convey block shows that there is congestion, it can change the route of a material item or AGV.
  • Connecting conveyors: A final notable development in the Material Handling Library relates to the connection of conveyors at angles. Previously it was necessary to use Turntable or Transfer objects. Now, a Conveyor Spur element is automatically created instead.

User interface and working with models

    Production modeling in AnyLogic
  • We have improved 3D and 2D animations with increased frame rates and responsiveness.
  • Now automatic code formatting can be applied to one or several elements, or even the whole model. To do this, select the necessary elements and select the “Format code” item in the context menu.
  • Models can now be exported as separate Java applications from both the GUI and the command line.
  • Exported models can include embedded browsers for different OSes. This makes models accessible even if you do not know the OS of a target computer.
  • When the model is running, in the Developer panel, you can go to the "Events" tab and observe the event queue. You can also go to the event itself or the agent that it applies to.

Model resource management

    Production model in AnyLogic
  • In addition to the model file and its database, there may also be other associated resources, such as, GIS and CAD files, images, text, and spreadsheets. In 8.4, they can be managed from the Resources group in the model tree.
    Furthermore, AnyLogic knows which files are needed to launch a model and includes them when exporting.

Process Modeling Library

  • To improve the animation performance of large storage systems, the default drawing mode of the Rack System is now color indication mode.
  • The Pickup block now has a new operation mode ‘Exact quantity’. This causes it to wait until it has the specified number of items before moving on. For example, packaging items coming off a conveyor in a material handling model.

AnyLogic Cloud:

  • With the release of 8.4, we have also released AnyLogic Private Cloud Lite – a low-cost, easy-install version of AnyLogic Cloud. It can be installed on a local network workstation and allows the private sharing of simulation models within an organization. Find out more about AnyLogic Private Cloud Lite.
  • Excel files, or any other file type, can now be used to set simulation model input parameters.

Material handling demo models in the cloud

Mobile robots that can navigate facility floors without predefined paths.

How to simulate overtaking lane-guided Transporters using the TransporterControl block.

Demonstrating how Transporters can be used to rack pallets and retrieve them later.

AnyLogic is available now for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Visit the download page to get the version you need for your computer.


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Have you made use of the Material Handling library? Upload your model to the cloud and leave a link in the comments below – we may feature it in our newsletter model of the month..