AnyLogic 8.2 new release and AnyLogic Cloud updates

The latest version of AnyLogic is now available for download. Here are the new AnyLogic 8.2 highlights.

  • A new Presentation object, Canvas, allows drawing on a raster area and the creation of dynamically changing images of any complexity.
  • New 3D objects: mining equipment, traffic lights, and motorcycles.
  • Support for high-pixel-density screens on 64-bit computers: the interface now offers improved support for HiDPI and Retina displays.
  • GIS mapping enhancements: new map tiles, and the runtime search area can be set and locked.
  • For mining specialists: we have added a new training model – Copper Nickel Mine. Check the blog for more details soon!
Changes have also been made to AnyLogic Cloud – AnyLogic's cloud service:

  • Simple sign-in using Facebook, Twitter, Google or LinkedIn.
  • Share models with a link. Models can now be run and inputs edited by unregistered users.
  • Interactive shapes and elements are highlighted when the mouse pointer moves over them in the animation window.
  • Continued improvements to 3D animation in the Cloud. Also, improve the 3D animation of your models already in the cloud just by uploading them with AnyLogic 8.2.
3D animation in AnyLogic Cloud

  • New multi-run experiments: Monte Carlo 2nd order, Variation, and Variation with Replication experiments.
  • New Cloud inspection windows: showing basic model element statistics, and for some SD-model elements, graphs as well.
Inspection window in AnyLogic Cloud

  • New graphics for Box Plot, 2D Histogram, and 3D Surface graphs.
  • Cloud loading performance is now 2.5x quicker.
Try AnyLogic Cloud now! And for more details on the experiments, models and graphics don’t miss our blog!