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Educational Videos

Road Traffic Library Webinar

The Road Traffic Library allows you to simulate the physical movement of vehicles on the road, taking into account traffic, actions of vehicles in parking lots, and the response to traffic lights. The Road Traffic Library webinar covers how to use the library to simulate any system where there are cars on the road, and how to integrate the library with the pedestrian library.

Webinar: AnyLogic 7.2 New Features

During the webinar, we will build a logistics model and show the unique capabilities of AnyLogic 7.2. To demonstrate AnyLogic’s extensibility, the webinar will focus on these key new features: extending GIS maps by adding additional shapefiles, converting shapefiles into GIS routes, and the Fluid Library, as the mining component of the model.

Webinar: Multimethod Modeling with a Customer Satisfactions Scenario

The benefits of multimethod modeling take center stage as we build a Customer Satisfaction Model, which includes, service interruptions, downtime, and processing time. Also built into the model are varying levels of customer satisfaction based on performance and word of mouth factors.

Webinar: Delivery Fleet Optimization with GIS

AnyLogic 7.1 modeling and simulation software harvests the power of GIS technology, allowing for streamlined simulation of your business processes. Watch the “Delivery Fleet Optimization with GIS” webinar to see a step-by-step process of building a supply chain model with real-time GIS features and optimization capabilities.

AnyLogic 7.1 Demo Featuring GIS

GIS implementation allows access to all data stored along with online-based map providers (i.e. Open Street Map): cities, regions, road networks, objects (hospitals, schools, bus stops, etc.). This product demonstration will showcase the GIS functionality and other new features of AnyLogic 7.1.

AnyLogic From 6 to 7: Transition Training

This lesson includes an overview of new features such as usability improvements, new process modeling library, increased support for agent based modeling and enhanced pedestrian library. The Transition Training Course Video is a must see for anyone looking for a smooth transition to the AnyLogic 7 software. 100% of attendees recommend this course to others.

Workshop: Introduction into Simulation Modeling for Business Applications

The workshop program introduces the audience to different simulation modeling approaches and shows examples of their use. It also illustrates the various features of AnyLogic 6 and reviews several real-life problems from different industries that were solved with the help of simulation modeling. The program is specifically designed for those who are new to simulation modeling to explain and demonstrate why simulation modeling is important and what kind of problems it helps to solve.

MIT Course on Agent-Based Modeling for Health Policy with AnyLogic

Nathaniel Osgood - Associate Professor, University of Saskatchewan made a MIT graduate based course on agent-based modeling for health policy with AnyLogic. The course covers the following problems:
  • System science concepts
  • Agent dynamics and inter-agent interaction
  • Hybrid modeling
  • Agent environments
  • Best practices in model building, debugging, etc. 

Algoritmos de simulacion multiparadigma en el negocio (en español)

En este curso se verán diferentes paradigmas de simulación dinámica y sus espacios de aplicación. El foco, sin embargo, estará en la aplicación de estas metodologías en el mundo de los negocios. El objetivo es que al final de estas clases puedan ser capaces de abordar un problema en sus trabajos/proyectos con estas metodologías.

How-To Videos

These short how-to videos will guide you through most advanced features of AnyLogic. They are intuitive and recommended for both skilled and untrained users. The videos are accompanied with Portuguese subtitles.

Video Tutorials by Johan Joubert

These are video tutorials featuring example models made by Prof. Johan Joubert for a simulation modeling course in the University of Pretoria. You may find these videos useful for learning the basics of AnyLogic.

AnyLogic Conference Presentations

In this section, you can find the videos filmed at AnyLogic Conferences. Presentations feature multimethod simulation various industries' case studies from AnyLogic users from all around the world.

Webinar - Simulação Logística: Integração Mina-Ferrovia-Porto

Esse webinar possui legendas em português. O objetivo desse webinar é criar um modelo logístico e demonstrar as possibilidades do software de simulação AnyLogic. O modelo faz a logística consolidando mina, ferrovia, terminal portuário, porto e transporte marítimo. Nós utilizaremos a tecnologia de modelagem baseada em agentes. Os agentes serão criados e parametrizados diretamente do banco de dados do AnyLogic.

Workshop: Simulation Modeling for Logistics Optimization

These videos were taken at the workshop "Simulation Modeling for Logistics Optimization". The presenter is Timofey Popkov, Director of Business Development, The AnyLogic Company. During the workshop, he covered a range of topics on how simulation modeling can be used to improve company's logistics operations. The videos include live demonstration of AnyLogic Logistics Network Manager.

Hybrid Systems Science, Modeling and Simulation for Health Policy: Collected Videos, Slides and Example Models

This page provides video explaining the significance of and compelling role played by hybrid systems science dynamic modeling techniques, and then provides a series of sections that survey different compelling ways of combining different systems science methodologies. These sections include videos showing the step-by-step creation of relevant hybrid health science models in AnyLogic 7, as well as links to hybrid models for that software. Additional resources - including a much more extensive library of hybrid models created by the author - are provided at the bottom of the page. Provided by Nathaniel Osgood, University of Saskatchewan.

Workshop: Simulation Modeling for Business

The workshop was carried out in English and Italian. Among others, the program features presentations of case studies by modelers who implemented projects for GlaxoSmithKline, REME Aviation (UK), and Orio al Serio International Airport (Italy). In this workshop, they share their experience of building such models.

Healthcare Dynamic Modeling Workshop & Training

The workshop’s target audience is simulation modeling specialists, researchers, practitioners and policy makers who want to advance their knowledge in dynamic modeling methods and see some examples of their use. The main field of simulation modeling application discussed at this workshop is healthcare. The program is dedicated to an advanced overview of modern methods in dynamic modeling. It also involves intensive tutorials aimed at developing the modeling skills of participants. The program includes AnyLogic application case studies which comprise examples from different fields, but mostly from the field of healthcare.

Workshop: Multimethod Modeling and Simulation with AnyLogic

In this workshop, Dr. Andrei Borshchev (CEO at The AnyLogic Company) introduced theories about different simulation modeling methods and multimethod simulation. He also showed how to build models employing these different methods. This workshop would be interesting to people unfamiliar with simulation modeling and to those who want to expand their knowledge in this topic.